Right! From the Start

We maintain the highest good dairy farming practices in our farm and only buy milk from selected farms around us.

Attractive Packaging

Our quality products are easily identifiable from the nice and attractive packaging.

Welcome to Guango Dairy

Guango dairy is a registered limited company located at Muchatha (off Banana Hill road), 12Km from Nairobi’s central business district. Guango dairy specializes in milk processing and we produce yoghurt in Vanilla, Strawberry, Pineapple and Passion flavors. We produce the yoghurt by processing our own farm milk as well as buying additional milk from selected local farms that meet our high standards of quality. By ensuring quality at the farm, quality at the factory and quality at storage, we ensure that our customers get yoghurt that is TRULY IRRESISTIBLE!

Quality at the Farm

To guarantee quality products for our customers, we have invested in the best dairy breeds that produce high quality milk.

Quality at the Factory

Most of the processing at the factory is automated for efficiency and we observe the highest hygiene standards for quality finished products.

Guarantee Like No Other

To ensure quality standards are maintained, samples of the products are randomly selected and tested for quality.

Quality at Storage

We have invested in cold rooms for short time storage of our milk products ensuring that the customer always gets fresh products.